Member of Tripoli Municipality: Ceasefire in Tripoli reached

Tanks on Tripoli streets
Tanks on Tripoli streets

The member of the Tripoli Municipality, Nasir Al-Kraw, told Tanasuh TV that the clashing militias and armed forces in Tripoli have come to an agreement to cease their fire and return their armed vehicles to their locations.

Al-Kraw added on Friday evening that the implementation of the ceasefire is now underway so that the capital can restore its stability and civilians can regain their normal living conditions.

On Friday, armed forces of Special Deterrence Force attacked the building of the Sixth Force in Zawiyat Al-Dahmani and brought to the ground amid horror and panic among the residents, most of who fled the area to safer places.

Reports from sources closes to all of the militias vying for control of the capital said 8 fighters were killed and scores were injured since the clashes began on Thursday evening.

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