Members of HoR vow to safely return citizens who fled due to the war

House of Representatives members to bring victims of war back to their home safely

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In Tangier, Northen Morrocco, from November 23rd to 28th, the Libyan House of Representatives from Tripoli and Tubrok, held discussions on ways to overcome internal disagreements and unify the country’s legislative body.

The meeting concluded today with members unanimously agreeing to hold a reconciliation session in Ghadama as soon as they got back to Libya to finally end the division that had plagued the country’s legislative body for years to finally allow it to perform its duties to the fullest.

In the closing ceremony, the members made seven pledges that will finally bring the country out of its state of conflict and political divide and closer to a peaceful democratic state.

In one of their pledges, the members of the parliament vowed to work with foreign governments on the safe return of the citizens that fled Libya due to the political crisis and civil war, as well as returning those internally displaced due to the war safely back to their homes.

The recent war that took place between April of 2019 and June of 2020 had left over 400,000 displaced and without homes, as well as thousands that resorted to the desperate measure of fleeing the country through the Midternanin and into Europe.

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