Misrata Military Council refutes receiving American, British advisers in the city


The spokesperson of Misrata Military Council, Ibrahim Bait Al-Mal, refuted the news reported by one of the British newspapers that said UK and US had sent military advisers to Misrata to help its brigades defeat ISIS.

In a press statement Tuesday, Bait Al-Mal confirmed that no orders were given by the General Staff to move toward Sirte until now, pointing out that the city’s brigades will not take a unilateral action, so they will wait for orders.

“All what is on Facebook about us taking control of Al-Noufiliya district is not true becuase until now we have not received orders from Tripoli General Staff.” He indicated.

The British The Telegraph newspaper published earlier this week that there is a coordinated action in Misrata between the city’s military formations and American and British military advisers.

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