Misurata airbase says Libyan pilots returned from Russia to join battle for Tripoli

A photo taken at the Misurata Airbase. [Photo: AFP]
Libyan airbase in Misurata said 10 pilots had returned from Russia after finishing their military study and training of 4 years.

The airbase said the pilots had joined the forces of Burkan Al-Ghadab (Volcano of Rage) operation in order to help defend Tripoli against the attacking forces of Khalifa Haftar.

“Their first operation was striking ammunition vehicles for Haftar’s forces in Gharyan, the airbase explained.

The Volcano of Rage Operation of the GNA forces said Wednesday that its Air Force had carried out about six airstrikes targeting supplies and equipment for Haftar’s forces on Tripoli International Airport’s frontline, near Gharyan and other positions.

The operation added that its warplanes also destroyed Sukhoi aircraft for Haftar’s forces in Al-Watiya airbase moments before it had taken off to bomb Libyan Army forces in southern Tripoli.

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