Battle of Sirte, PC joint operations room forces prepare for the advance


Western forces in Libya have spoken out their preparedness to carry out an all-out offensive on the city of Sirte, which is the stronghold of ISIS militants in the country since 2015.

Western Misurata revolutionary brigades, supported by the UN-backed Presidential Council’s order and headed by it as being the Commander in Chief of the Libyan Army, have decided to push ahead with plans for a counter-attack against the ISIS militants after the latter made territorial gains in the last week, including Abu Grein, Zamzam and other suburbs between Sirte and Misurata.

The fight will be led by a newly set up Joint Operations Room of central region forces, based in Misurata and proposed by the PC with a governmental order passed days ago.

However, this war on ISIS in Sirte isn’t exclusive for the UN-backed government’s PC as the eastern government and its Dignity Operation forces led by Khalifa Haftar have also advanced toward Sirte, yet still legging behind Ajdabia for they were not allowed to pass through it to reach areas nearby Sirte.

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