Misurata forces put grip on Al-Wishkah district, 25 km from Abu Grein


The forces of Misurata brigades, which are appointed under the joint military room’s (Albunyan Almarsous) of the Presidential Council of the UN-backed Government of National Accord, announced the control of Al-Wishkah district that lies 25 km away from Abu Grein near Sirte, where ISIS militants are fortifying.

This new control comes after an earlier one in which the forces took control of the Abu Grein checkpoint and district as a whole, amid a continuous advance strategy that has been adopted by the joint operations room since last night.

Earlier on Tuesday, the media bureau of the UN-backed Presidential Council’s Joint Military Room and its forces appointed under the operation dubbed (Albunyan Almarsous) announced that 4 fighters were killed by a land mine of the terrorist groups of ISIS as the Misurata forces were advancing in Abu Grein.

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