Mobilization is declared in Derna to foil Dignity Operation’s attacks on the city

  • Libyan Express |
  • Sunday 15 May 2016


Derna Shura Council warned the city’s neighbouring districts of the consequences of cooperation with Khalifa Hafter’s forces, calling for a full mobilization of Drna fighters to protect their city.

The statement refereed to the coordination between Haftar forces and ISIS militants, who have been defeated from Derna, when the latter covered their escape on feet and by cars going through 800 km in the middle of the desert without intervention by his warplanes.

The statement also mentioned that Haftar forces blocked the supplies road on Derna Shura Council’s fighter when they were clashing with ISIS, in addition to killing three Al-Bayda fighters, who used to fight against ISIS.

However, the statement added, Haftar’s warplanes bombarded Derna 12 times on civilian residential areas leaving behind many casualties between killed and wounded.

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