Moroccan community in Libya celebrate Eid Al-Fatr, launch hashtag #mydocument

Moroccan Community in Libya Celebrates Eid (Photo: Exclusive)

The Moroccan community in Libya, under the auspices of “Libya-Morocco Friendship Association” organized a celebration of Aid Al-Fatr at Al-Kashaf Theater in Tripoli. 

The celebration showcased the Moroccan traditional and cultural merits for the families living in Libya through stage performances and signing.

Many Moroccan families attended the event which made them feel at home.

The organizers shed light on the current dilemmas the Moroccan community is enduring in Libya as there is no an official diplomatic attaché in the country since 2014.

They also launched a social media hashtag “#mydocument” which shows the need for Moroccans to obtain official documents through their embassy or consulate in Libya, which hasn’t returned to work in the country since 2014.

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