National Salvation Government tells CBL to reopen bank bonds for businessmen

  • Libyan Express |
  • Tuesday 9 February 2016


The National Salvation Government headed by Prime Minister, Khalifa Al-Ghwail, informed the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya that the CBL can coordinate with the NSG to reopen granting bank bonds to the traders in the country.

Prime Minister, Al-Ghwail, said in a statement that there must be joint coordination between the CBL and NSG to guarantee that the basic supplies are provided for the citizens with affordable prices so that they guarantee that the bank bonds are not used to bring empty containers.

“Those empty containers helped worsen the situation on the ground and made the money-exchange rates skyrocket and the commodities’ prices soar.” The statement states.

The NSG’s letter to the CBL also highlighted that the CBL should cooperate with the government to find out the best alternative available to solve the decrease of the dinar’s value against foreign currencies.


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