National Salvation Government’s Foreign Ministry denounces ongoing war in Benghazi and Ajdabia


The Foreign Minister in the National Salvation Government, Ali Abu Zakouk, denounced in a press statement Tuesday the unjustifiable military operations of the so-called national army and dignity Operation militias led by Khalifa Haftar in Benghazi and Ajdabia.

Abu Zakouk added that such military operations do not benefit the country at all, but rather they establish division and abort every possible chance to solve the crisis peacefully, condemning at the same time the violations of human rights and civilians’ rights in there and calling for opening safe passages to help provide the war-stricken cities with the necessary humanitarian aids.

“We call on all of the neighboring and friend countries to help us by receiving the casualties of the ongoing war in the eastern cities of Benghazi and Ajdabia for medical treatment.” Abu Zakouk said, indicating that the battle led by Haftar won’t do anything but more destruction, bloodshed, displacement, and division in Libya.

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