NATO Secretary General welcomes Serraj government’s arrival in Tripoli

  • Libyan Express |
  • Tuesday 5 April 2016
Jens Stoltenberg

Jens Stoltenberg

NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, has welcomed the arrival of the Prime Minister Designate Fayez Al-Farraj and of the Presidential Council in Tripoli, sayint that this marks an important step in Libya’s democratic transition and path to peace.

In a joint press point with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands,
he said he wishes the Presidential Council success in developing an inclusive and peaceful political process, aimed at promoting national reconciliation, on the basis of the values of democracy, individual liberty and the rule of law.

“The Libyan people deserve peace, security and stability. NATO stands ready, in line with the Wales Summit decisions, to assist Libya in the field of defense and security institution building, if requested by the Government of National Accord and in concert with other international efforts.” He concluded.

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