Oxfam: Thousands of immigrants in Libya are tortured, raped, and enslaved

  • Libyan Express |
  • Thursday 10 August 2017


Oxfam said the EU’s new policies expose refugees to suffering and death [AFP]

Thousands of migrants and refugees trapped in Libya, especially women, are being raped, tortured, robbed and enslaved, Oxfam warned today.

In a report entitled “You aren’t human any more”, the organisation criticised the European Union for hindering the arrival of migrants to Italy across the Mediterranean and forcing them to remain in Libya.

The report said that European countries were using incorrect policies and therefore forcing migrants and refugees to live in hell in Libya.

The organisation called on EU countries to provide safe passages for migrants and refugees by putting in place fair and transparent systems for immigration and asylum applications.

The report stressed that migrants and refugees who cross the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe do so out of necessity for their survival.

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