Parliament member: Haftar’s forces burnt over 100 houses in Libya’s Murzuq

Haftar’s forces are accused of committing crimes against civilians in south Libya, especially in Murzuq (Photo: Internet)

The member of the Libyan east-based House of Representatives (HoR) for Murzuq town of southern Libya, Mohammed Lino, has told reporters that Khalifa Haftar’s forces killed over 17 people, injured scores and burnt over 107 houses. 

“Haftar’s forces have executed 17 people since their entry to the town. They are targeting Tubu people in what seems clearly an ethnic cleansing campaign.” Lino said.

He added on Sunday that Haftar’s forces had burnt his house, his family members’ houses and over 100 other houses in the town, not to mention the farms and proprieties they had destroyed and over 104 cars that they had stolen.

Lino also said that the commander of Haftar’s forces in the south Abdelsalam Al-Hassi is legally and ethically responsible for the violations happening in Murzuq.

“We have informed the Head of the UNSMIL Ghassan Salame and he promised to probe the incidents.” He added.

Haftar’s forces entered Murzuq on Friday after days of clashes with local fighters – mainly from the Tubu tribesmen.

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