Parliament vote of confidence session stalled for two days in a row

Libya's reunified parliament suspended vote of confidence for two days in a row, keeping the country and the world in a state of suspense

Prime Minister Debaiba continues to urge the parliament to grant his government confidence so they can begin their real work on rebuilding the country. [Photo: HoR]
Libya’s House of Representatives (HoR) continued to stall the crucial parliamentary session in Sirte to grant confidence to Libya’s incoming Government of National Unity (GNU). 

Despite Prime Minister Debaiba’s call for members of the HoR to expedite the process so the real work can begin, members of the parliament suspended the session for the second day in a row.

The new PM in attendance in Sirte also stated that should his list of names to compose the cabinet receive any objections, he will replace the candidate in question immediately if at least 40 votes against them are gathered, stressing that he is there to serve the Libyan people.

Debaiba’s list of government candidates has been a topic of much controversy since it leaked just days before the parliamentary session as some names on the list are connected with known terrorist cells, wanted for prosecutions or have forged certifications in their applications.

Speaker of the house Aguila Saleh asked that the Prime Minister-designate revise his cabinet list and present the final government line up later today when the session recommences.

On his part, Debiba has stated that expanding the list of his cabinet candidates was a choice made to represent Libyan people everywhere, noting that a primary condition for any nominee is their ability to travel across the country without any controversy or trouble.

The PM added that representing the full spectrum of the Libyan people is vital to his government and that he expects members of his cabinet to work for all of Libya, not only their city as he excluded all previous ministers from his list of government nominees.

In regards to the staggering decrease of female representation from the promised 30% to 15%, Debaiba stated that once his government is approved, his team will work on raising that quota to meet the one he pledged to in Geneva.

While the HoR intends to reconvene today to commence the session once again, it is yet unclear whether the vote of confidence will be granted by the day’s end or if it will continue to stall.

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