Presidential Council denies HQ being stormed by armed groups in Tripoli, Libyan officials call for relocations of the Council

PC spokesperson denies allegations that the Council was stormed by militias on Friday while calls for the removal of the Libyan foreign minister intensify

Libya’s Grand Mufti has called for the removal of the country’s FM over comments made regarding Turkish forces. [Photo: Social Media]
Najwa Waheiba, a spokeswoman for the Presidential Council, denied allegations of breaking into the Presidential Council’s headquarters in Tripoli and urged all news outlets to verify the authenticity of their sources before disclosing details to the public.

“Last night, it was a hotel break-in, not the Presidential Council’s headquarters, which does not yet have a permanent meeting place, but rather the Council’s headquarters”.

“Today is a weekly holiday, not a working day,” the Presidential Council spokeswoman said, “and no one has been harmed, and we wish everyone to examine the details from its sources”.

Armed groups threatened to storm the Presidential Council’s headquarters in the Corinthia hotel in videos released late on Friday night.

These events occurred at the same time as incitement against Libyan Foreign Minister Njala Al-Mangoush, who had called for the withdrawal of all mercenaries and Turkish forces from Libya.

The Grand Mufti of Libya, Sadiq Al-Ghrayani, had called for the Minister of Foreign Affairs to be contested and removed from office after she had renewed her call for the Berlin Conference’s provisions to be implemented.

“We reported tonight that the Turkish Foreign Minister’s talk yesterday was nothing more than inciting militias to move quickly to take control of the Presidential Council or to blow up the Geneva Dialogue Agreement so that they can continue to exist,” said Saeed Amgib, a member of the House of Representatives.

Amal Baqaqis, a member of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF)’s Legal Committee, confirmed that Sirte should be the seat of government.

“The Government Headquarters belong in Sirte,” she said. “Don’t put the Government in danger of falling under the influence of violent militias”.

Um-Azz Al-Farsi, another LPDF member, wrote, “The armed pressure on the executive branch in both parts necessitates the relocation of the executive branch’s headquarters to a secure location. The insanity that occurs, as well as the evils and attempts at personal gain under the protection of the 5+5 Military Committee, will not find a home or gain the power to compel authorities to implement policies that benefit those parties”.

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