Presidential Council denies meeting Oil Facilities Guard in Ras Lanuf


The Media Bureau of the Presidential Council of the UN-backed accord government declined the rumors spread on media that said a delegate form the PC had arrived in Ras Lanuf to meet the Oil Facilities Guard.

In a Friday statement, the Oil Facilities Guard’s Media Bureau said that the head of the PC, Fayiz Al-Serraj, bears the whole responsibility for the spreading of the rumors, pointing out that they consider this news a media propaganda to mislead people to the PC’s ends.

Earlier, many media outlets said a delegate from the PC met with the Chief of the Oil Facilities Guard, Ibrahim Jodran, based on a statement by the Tobruk Parliament air force’s commander, Saqir Al-Jurooshi, who said a foreign plane landed in Ras Lanuf airport for a meeting with Jodran.


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