Russia’s Libya envoy says Haftar isn’t capable of taking Tripoli

Lev Dengov – Head of Russian Contact Group on Libya (Left) and Khalifa Haftar – Commander of self-styled army in eastern Libya (Right)

Khalifa Haftar’s fifty-day assault on Libya’s Tripoli, so far, has stalled and he can’t take the city, according to the Russian special envoy to Libya, Lev Dengov, told Bloomberg Tuesday.

Dengov said Haftar’s attack failure was absolutely predictable, adding that Haftar isn’t capable of taking Tripoli and that’s clear.

“If any actions happen that aren’t sanctioned by the UN, they are illegal and ineffective, they will only worsen the problem,” said Dengov.

He indicated that if the Libyan parties inside the country remain at odds and the outside powers too, there won’t be peace any time soon in Libya.

Dengov said Libya’s conflict will continue until a leader emerges who can unite everyone; adding if that leader was Haftar, he would already be in Tripoli, the city would have fallen without a fight.

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