Saif Gaddafi announces he is running for Libya president

Captured: Saif al-Islam, pictured in November shortly after his capture by Libyan (Photo: Internet)

Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of Muammar Gaddafi, is seeking to become the president of Libya , a Gaddafi family spokesman said, adding he will run in the 2018 presidential election.

Speaking to Egypt Today, the spokesman, Basem al-Hashimi Al-Soul, said Saif Gaddafi “enjoys the support of major tribes in Libya.”

Saif Gaddafi was released in June after a six-year imprisonment by militia fighters of the city of Zintan.

“Saif will offer Libyans measures to stabilize the country in accordance with the Libyan geography and in coordination with all Libyan factions,” the spokesman said.

The Libyan High National Elections Commission in accordance with the UNSMIL announced earlier this month the beginning of voter registration in Libya before the upcoming 2018 presidential and parliamentary elections.

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