Saif Gaddafi’s campaign featured in new newspaper “Mandela Libya” in Tunisia

Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi behind bars attending a trial after his capture in Zintan city [Photo: Archive – Internet]
Saif Gaddafi’s campaign for presidential elections has been launched by his loyalists in Tunisia via distributing “Mandala Libya” newspaper.
The new controversial newspaper will be distributed in 24 cities in Tunisia Libyan community is dense in the neighboring country, according to the head of the campaign Abdelmonem Dramba.
He added that the newspaper, which advocates for Saif Gadafi, will be later distributed in Arab Maghreb countries and EU countries, where Libyan communities are located.
Dramba told Anadolu Agency that the campaign aims to push Libyans to take part in the presidential elections plus explaining the goals of Saif Gaddafi’s campaign.

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