Saleh: Turkey supported the survival of mercenaries in Libya and continues to send weapons to them

Speaker of the Parliament warns that Turkey is continuing to provide support to mercenaries and foreign forces on Libyan soil

Saleh also recently stated the GNU has failed to unite the country and has become the Tripoli government. [Photo: AP]
Aguila Saleh, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, stated that Turkey supports the existence of mercenaries in Libya and continues to provide them with huge quantities of weapons and troops.

In remarks to several local media sources, Saleh revealed that Turkey is sending its stockpile of military weapons into Libya to assist the instability produced by foreign mercenaries.

Saleh went on to say that Libya’s former head of government did not have the right to sign treaties by the current Constitution and the political agreement, noting that treaties must be approved by the House of Representatives to be in force, and the latter rejected the treaty and thus did not ratify it.

Saleh emphasized that the only way to end separation, unite institutions, and achieve national reconciliation was for the head of state to be elected by popular vote, adding: “We do not want the President of a tiny group that does not represent Libyans. We encourage everyone to vote in the presidential election so that the next President-elect is a popular supporter and genuine leader of the country.”

In an interview with Reuters this week, the Speaker of the House warned that the country will be thrown back to square one if Libyan national elections are postponed.

In terms of the national budget, Saleh projected that the original amount of 100 billion dinars would be reduced to 80 billion, which the parliament will pass on Monday.

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