Security Council urges member states to commit to arms embargo in Libya

Security Council meeting. Security Council [Photo: UNSMIL]
The United Nations Security Council called on all countries on Monday to implement an arms embargo on Libya and to stay out of the conflict after U.N. sanctions monitors accused Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey of repeated violations.

The 15-member council urged all states “not to intervene in the conflict or to take measures that would exacerbate the conflict” and expressed concern at “the growing involvement of mercenaries.” Such statements are agreed by consensus.

Security  Council called for full compliance with the arms embargo, but any action over reported sanctions violations is unlikely, according to diplomats.

Different countries are accused by the UN of intervening in Libya’s conflict, including Khalifa Haftar’s backers in his war on Tripoli; the UAE, Jordan, Russia, Egypt, France and Saudi Arabia.

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