Senior leader in Derna Shura Council killed by an ISIS landmine in Al-Heela

  • Libyan Express |
  • Monday 1 August 2016


Derna Shura Mujahideen Council has announced that one of its prominent senior leaders, Ahmed Al-Habib, was killed by a landmine explosion in southern Derna.

Media sources said Monday that the senior leader at the Derna Shura Mujahideen Council, Al-Habib, died immediately as he was blasted by a landmine in Al-Heela district where the council’s fighters were positioned.

“The landmine is from the war remnants that were left behind by the ISIS militants when they were defeated and uprooted from the city.” The sources added.

Derna, which is now under a crippling siege by Dignity Operation forces, led by Khalifa Haftar and is suffering from shortages in cash, foods, and electricity, is still suffering from war remnants that were left behind by ISIS terrorists during the battle for liberation by Derna Shura Mujahideen Council.

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