Serraj visits Malta to gather support for GNA, Malta expresses will to reopen embassy soon

Times of Malta – Migration and terrorism topped talks held in Valletta this morning between the president of the Libyan presidential council, Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj and Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

“I take this opportunity to send a message to my Libyan fellows, parties and partners: we should put our disputes aside and work together on our common cause, which is terrorism,” the Libyan prime minister said after the meeting.

Dr Muscat said that as president of the EU council, Malta will make sure that the situation in the Central Mediterranean features prominently on the EU’s agenda.

Mr Sarraj commented that Malta can play an important role in helping Libya manage the political challenges it is facing.

Asked about Malta’s agreements with Libya, Dr Muscat commented that these will be honoured once the political circumstances allowed for their implementation.

Malta will be one of the first countries to re-staff its embassy in Tripoli, once security provisions allow the country to re-establish its diplomatic representation there, Dr Muscat noted.

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