Shalgham says all Libya’s conviction files had been closed, including IRA

Libyan U.N. ambassador Abdurrahman Mohamed Shalgham REUTERS/Tony Gentile
Former Libyan U.N. ambassador Abdel Rahman Mohamed Shalgham. REUTERS/Tony Gentile

Abdel Rahman Shalgham, the former Libyan ambassador to the UN, confirmed that all the files of attacks between Libya and Europe and America have been closed.

He added that the file of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), a Berlin Club in Germany, Lockerby plane explosion and the French aircraft have been all sorted out and put in the drawer for good.

Shalgham also indicated that the former US President, George W Bush, had passed a Presidential charter ordering all US citizens who wish to file a case in the Lockerby airplane explosion issue to do so against the American government, not Libya.

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