Shouaib: Tobruk Parliament to amend constitutional declaration and vote on GNA cabinet

  • Libyan Express |
  • Saturday 9 April 2016


The first Deputy Speaker of Tobruk Parliament, Muhammad Shouaib, said that the Parliament is going to put a schedule under its internal timetable to make some vital decisions.

In a presser in Cairo, Egypt on Saturday, Souaib stated that the Parliament will review the GNA cabinet that was proposed by the UN-backed Presidential Council and will carry a vote of confidence in its next session.

He added that the Parliament is going to amend the constitutional declaration so that it can include the Skhirat political agreement outcomes.

“We will talk to the UN delegate to Libya, Martin Kobler, to urge him to hold a session for the dialogue committee to discuss the latest developments on the political scene.” Shouaib indicated.

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