Sources: Libya’s Haftar to meet US President Trump at the White House

Haftar is said to be preparing for a meeting with Trump at the White House. [Photo: Libyan Express]
The US President Donald Trump is going to receive Khalifa Haftar, a renegade commander leading forces positioned in eastern Libya and now attacking Tripoli for seizing power, at the White House, Libyan Express has learned. 

Sources, who asked to be unnamed, said the meeting between Trump and Haftar is being prepared and it is in the final stages.

According to the same sources, the meeting in Washington D.c. could take place on June 15.

The meeting, the sources say, will discuss the current war for Tripoli and how the US should help Haftar “terminate terrorism in Tripoli.”

Trump spoke on the phone last April with Haftar and blessed the latter’s offensive on Tripoli as a form of fighting terrorism, knowing that the fighting is against the UN-backed and US-supported Government of National Accord.

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