Spokesman of Albunyan Almarsous falsifies existence of British and Italian forces in Sirte clashes

  • Libyan Express |
  • Saturday 4 June 2016


Th spokesman of the UN-backed GNA’s military operation Albunyan Almarsous, Muhammad Al-Ghasri, said there are no foreign troops or military experts with the forces battling ISIS in Sirte, refuting all news that said there are Italian and British troops on the ground with them.

Al-Ghasri also said Saturday that Misurata forces appointed under the command of Albunyan Almarsous killed almost 700 IS militants since the beginning of the operation to liberate Sirte and its surrounding areas.

He added that the forces demanded the UN Security Council lift the arms ban to allow the forces to continue the eradication of ISIS militants from the city of Sirte.

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