Sunday News: Libyan armed groups offered Manchester bomber’s brother for $1 million sale

SDF said it arrested Hashem Abedi while he was receiving a money transfer (4500 Libyan dinars) from the attacker himself, Salman, in Tripoli.
The brother of the Manchester Arena bomber, wanted in the UK for 22 murders, is being offered for sale to the highest bidder by Libyan warlords, Sunday News reported.
It added on Sunday that “militia group henchmen are inviting bids of $1million to hand over Hashem Abedi, whose brother Salman Abedi blew himself up at an Ariana Grande concert on May 22 last year, killing 22 people including seven children and injuring hundreds more.
Abedi is detained at Mitiga Airport by the Special Deterrence Force (SDF.)
The UK government wants to extradite him but there are now fears he could escape justice and be sold to ISIS terrorists, Sunday News added.
“2 groups of fighters, who have control over Hashem, want to sell him for a $1million cash bonanza. Last night sources in Libya revealed that Islamic State, which does not support these groups, is negotiating through a third party to “pay for his release.” Sunday express indicated.
“One, our sources tell us, is the Tripoli Revolutionary Brigade and the other, elements of the Libyan Government’s security force, OCA. Britain will not deal directly with these groups and will never pay for his extradition. Sources have informed us negotiations are in play to offer Mr Abedi to a Daesh [IS] affiliated group which operates outside of Libya. We are concerned by the prospect of this suspect falling into the hands of extremists to be used by them in a publicity coup. It would be an intolerable slight to the memories of those who were killed and injured and their loved ones.” Sources from UK government told the British paper.
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