Libyan Amazigh denouncing isolation from dialogue by the UN


The Supreme Council of Libyan Amazigh along with the boycotters of the Constitution Drafting Assembly has reiterated that they do not recognise any constitution that does not include all the Libyan society components, Arabs, Amazigh, Tuareg, and Tubu.

The Council denounced, in a statement, the eliminating policy adopted by the UNSMIL, as it excluded all representatives of the Amazigh, Tuareg and Tubu from the Libyan political dialogue process.

“This exclusion and elimination will have its unpleasant backlash at the outcomes of the political dialogue, as it will be rendered incomprehensible and unsatisfying for the society components’ aspirations” The statement declared.

The Council also announced the formation of a committee aimed at uniting the minorities’ viewpoints of the constitution to be able to confront the marginalizing policy as well as the elimination efforts to limit the conflicts across the country.

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