Syrian radical preps his daughters to carry out suicide attacks in Damascus

The New Arab – Videos have emerged that allegedly show a Syrian militant sending off his young daughters to carry out suicide bombings in the capital Damascus, days after a nine-year-old girl blew herself up in a police station.

The New Arab could not confirm the validity of the video. All sides of the bloody civil war have been known to produce propaganda to discredit their opponents.

In the amateur footage, a man named Abu Nimr interviews his wife and daughters Islam, seven, and Fatima, eight, before they allegedly were set to carry out suicide attacks.

“Fatima what are you going to do?” Abu Nimr asks.

“I am going to do a suicide mission!” she responds.

“Where?” he then asks.

“In Damascus,” the young girls says as she is dressed in a black hijab.

“Damascus? You’re young, you’re only nine-years-old, why don’t you leave this to the men? Have the men escaped? Have they left on the green buses?” the militant says, referring to public buses used to evacuate rebels following ceasefire deals.

“You want to surrender so that you’re raped and killed by the infidels?” he asks, to which Fatimah sheepishly says: “no”.

In another video posted on Facebook the mother of the children, Umm Nimr explains why she is sending her children to carry out attacks.

“No one is too young for jihad, because jihad has become a duty for every Muslim. The young, women and men,” she says.

Last Friday, a Damascus neighborhood was struck by a suicide attack when a young girl entered a police station and after asking to go to the toilet, blew herself up.

Pro-regime media has claimed that Abu Nimr is a member of al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, formerly known as the Nusra Front, and that one of his daughters were responsible for the attack on the police station.

The black flag in the background of the video is of the Islamic shahada, which is depicted on the Nusra flag, however, it lacks the distinct sign of the militant group on the bottom.

The Syrian regime has long tried to damage the reputation of opposition groups, its has accused them of allowing “sexual jihad” – where women help fighters by offering themselves for sexual comfort – a practice rebels have repeatedly denied.

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