Teachers go on strike for nonpayment of salary promotion


Teachers gathered in front of the Tripoli-based Prime Ministry to protest the nonpayment of the additional monthly LYD300 approved by the Ministry of Education earlier.

The member of the Teachers Cooperation Committee, Haitham Ambaya, told Press Solidarity Sunday that there was a decision to add 5 dinars per class to all teachers so that 300 dinars are added to the salary every month for each teacher, but this decision was not fulfilled. “And that is why we,re on strike today.” He added.

” All of the decisions made by the Education Ministry since the start of the school year are only painkillers.” Ambaya said, indicating that they have forwarded a complaint to the General National Congress, the Prime Ministry and the Ministry of Education.

Last September, Libya’s teachers went on an open strike complaining about low salaries amid the soaring prices of everything in the country.

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