The Guardian: Haftar has lost all influence and prestige

Haftar's failure to take the capital is costing him all power and influence reports British Newspaper

Haftar’s failure to do as he promised has cost him all external influence and prestige. [Photo: Internet]
The British Guardian reported that the failure of Haftar’s offensive on the capital of Libya has cost him his influence locally and internationally.

The British newspaper also stated that his failure to take Tripoli made the field marshal lose his local prestige which has allowed other voices calling for national reconciliation to rise and gain acknowledgement.

The Guardian also considered that a visit a delegation of Egyptian diplomats and intelligence officials to the capital Tripoli and meet with leaders of the Government of National Accord to be a sudden positive development after the separation of diplomatic relations between Cairo and Tripoli for 6 years.

“The voices of diplomacy have won temporarily in Cairo” Peter Millett, the former British ambassador to Libya, was quoted as saying. “Egyptians should rebuild their ties with the Government of National Accord. There have always been divisions in Cairo between the Foreign Ministry, which supports the political negotiations for a solution and the army, which has supported Haftar and worked with the Emirates. The military solution did not succeed, and thus the diplomatic solution was given a second chance.”

The newspaper called Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’s call for the appointment of ceasefire monitors in Libya the first concrete step taken on the ground by the United Nations.

It also indicated that the reason that pushed Guterres’s call for the appointment of monitors in Libya is the continued violations of the ceasefire agreement and Haftar’s recent threats to wage war against Turkish deployments in Libya supporting the Government of National Accord’s military forces.

According to the report, the UN will attempt to revitalize its drive towards national unity in Libya by providing monitors to ensure that sanctity of the ceasefire agreement which up until this point has been widely undermined and mocked.

In deploying monitors to protects the ceasefire agreement the United Nations hope to force political leaders in the country to finally select a mechanism to choose an executive authority to lead the country into a new age beyond war and conflict.

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