Thousands of Libyans reject UN solutions

10 thousand Libyans have voiced their rejection of UN-brokered solutions in Libya if it includes corrupt and foreign actors

Libyan people demand their right to self-determination in a letter sent to the United Nations. [Photo: REUTERS]
A petition signed by thousands of Libyans stating that the peace process in Libya cannot include individuals who have contributed to the destabilisation and destruction of the country was sent to the UN, European Union and the United States.

In a letter attached to the petition, Emadeddin Muntasser, President Democracy and Human Rights Foundation said that over 10 thousand Libyans have voiced their rejection of the UN-brokered settlement process in Libya, emphasising that it does not benefit the people if it allows “Criminals, illegal militias and corrupt officials to form a unity government for Libya”

Emphasising the importance of self-determination as a core value of the United Nations, Muntasser said that the Libyan people’s right to self-determination and sovereignty to their own country is in danger due to motives of international actors with interests in Libya who “seek to, or have in the past, derailed the prospects for a peaceful and democratic Libya.”

“The list of signatories on this petition represents the largest public expression of Libyan opinion since 2014. This list is three times greater than the verifiable number of participants in any UNSMIL or Center for Humanitarian Dialogue survey, event or conference,” Muntasser added.

It was highlighted that the UN has served the Libyan people much better in the past and that the Libyan people do not support the current in UNSMIL process and Political Dialogue Forum, declaring that United Nations does not have the authority to arbitrarily appoint 49 out of 75 of the dialogue participants, and give them the power to form a government and act as legislators.

The letter also expressed that the identity of the 75 participants in the Political Dialogue Forum is of utmost importance yet some of the members chosen “Are known instigators of violence and hate.” Who have in the past supported UN-sanctioned criminals and cost the Libyan people their lives, billions of lost income and any chance at stability and peace.

Muntasser also scathingly claimed that unification of current armed forces in Libya as the UN aims to will only “double down on the anarchy that currently reigns, by allowing the hit squads in the east and the corrupt militias of the west to become a legitimate part of an internationally-recognized government.” Causing the institutionalisation of crime and normalizing a stark lack of accountability for these destructive military powers.

The Democracy and Human Rights Foundation concluded by saying “That there can be no shortcuts in Libya. Justice must be served, and criminals on all sides must be held accountable. Corruption must be tackled by targeting local and foreign partners. Spoilers must be pursued with international sanctions and arrest warrants. Libya does not need another transitional period, allowing crime and corruption to continue indefinitely”

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