Three arms cashes captured by Tunisian forces on Libyan border

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  • Monday 14 November 2016
Archive: Arms confiscated by Tunisian forces on Libyan border

Archive: Arms confiscated by Tunisian forces on Libyan border

The Tunisian forces have seized three large arms caches near the border with Libya on Saturday and Sunday, the Tunisian Interior Ministry reported.

The caches, which include Kalashnikov rifles, rockets and landmines, were found in the border city of Ben Guerdane, which has seen many skirmishes between IS militants and Tunisian army over the last months.

Two arms caches were discovered on Saturday and the third was found on Sunday, the ministry said.

IS sent dozens of fighters into Ben Guerdane in March, attacking army and police posts and killing at least 53 people.

“The discovery can now put to rest Tunisia’s concerns about the threat of IS militants crossing from Libya.” the Tunisian Interior Ministry indicated.

Libya has always complained that many Tunisians have entered Libya to form the basis of the IS terror group in the country.

Tunisia has increased security measures on the border with Libya to avoid the infiltration of hundreds of Islamic state fighters who may have fled from Sirte. European countries are also helping with training and technology to protect the border.

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