Tobruk parliament suspended hearing session of Serraj’s new cabinet to Sunday


The Presidential Council’s Head, Fayiz Al-Serraj, was interrupted by noise and side talks from Tobruk MPs as he was presenting the new cabinet in the parliament.

Also, PC member, Fathi Al-Mijibri was disrupted as he was explaining to the MPs how the new cabinet managed to take shape, he was met with loud noises and comments accusing him and his fellow members of being part of Muslim Brotherhood Group and of being agents for the west.

“We do not want to delay the approval of this government, we have to move it to Tripoli and start operating from there as soon as possible.” He said.

Tobruk Parliament’s President, Aqilah Saleh, called for suspension of the session as the disruption grew more furious and MPs and PC members started throwing words at each other.

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