Tribal clashes killed over 4 civilians so far in Libya’s south

Sabha Fortress (Internet)

The Libyan National Human Rights Commission confirmed Monday that over four civilians were killed and several others were injured in the armed clashes between tribes in the southern Libyan city of Sabha.

“The National Committee is concerned about the resumption of armed clashes and escalation of violence between gunmen of the tribes of Awlad Sulaiman and Tabu in the city of Sabha, which killed two civilians and wounded a third by random heavy shelling and shooting,” Ahmed Abdul-Hakim Hamza, the commission’s rapporteur, told Xinhua.

“We are concerned about the worsening humanitarian and living conditions due to the continuing and escalating acts of tribal violence in the city, as well as deterioration of medical conditions at Sabha Medical Center and the lack of emergency medical equipment and supplies in the center,” Hamza said, reported Xinhua.

According to Xinhua, the rapporteur called on all parties of the conflict to immediately cease fire and violence and resort to reason and wisdom.

“I call on the tribal elders and leaders to “intervene urgently to cease fire and calm the conflict between the fighting parties, and to work on preserving national stability and security and social fabric in southern Libya.” He explained.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Sabha Hamed Al-Kahyali told Libyan local media that what has been going on in Sabha and the south in general is a foreign occupation and all Libyan authorities must intervene to save Libya.

“There are Chadian and Sudanese fighters with their flags on attacking the Libyan Defence Ministry’s Sixth Brigade in Sabha and they aim to control the city and the entire south.” Al-Khayali explained.

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