Tripoli is waiting for Godot (Serraj)!


Tripoli has been in hot water over the last two days due to growing and entangled rumors about the arrival of the new UN-backed government (Government of National Accord).

Both authorities and citizens of the capital have been going tit for tat on the internet and media outlets, some saying the GNA members were due to arrive in Tripoli-based Mitiga, and some others saying that Fayez Al-Serraj, the President of the UN-backed GNA, had resigned and traveled to Saudi Arabia, which was refuted Monday morning by the Media Office of the GNA’s Presidential Council.

The authorities were in tense position, many of the revolutionary brigades split on whether to let the GNA in the capital peacefully or to oppose it by weapons and fight, with the Tripoli citizens commenting for and against the two suggestions all over the social media.

Therfore, Tripoli resides now on top of a cliff and awaits the coming of Serraj as if it is waiting for Godot!

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