Trump threatens officials into finding votes for him to remain in power

Sitting US President caught on tape attempting to bully election officials into overturning results

Trump still refusing to concede and claims he won by massive margins that don’t exist. [Photo: AFP]
A scandalous tape of sitting US president Donald Trump has him leaning on election officials to “find” the number of votes his administration needs to remain in power.

The hour-long phone call occurred over this previous weekend between Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, the Washington Post shortly after broke the news and released a full transcript of the tape released to the public.

In the recording, President Trump contradicts himself on multiple occasions in regards to the numbers needed to overturn the elections so that he comes out the victor, the number swinging from 400,000 to 200,000 and as little as 2000 votes.

He also repeatedly claimed that he won swing states that went to Biden on multiple occasions, declaring that these states had votes cast by dead people and ballots that went missing without a trace, claims that election officials have denied numerous times since the elections concluded in November.

Despite the persistent claims by Trump, Raffensperger is repeatedly heard telling the president that his numbers are wrong, emphasising that they have responded to several lawsuits and the courts have seen that the state’s numbers are correct and Trump had lost.

The recording has been called “disgusting” and “shameful” by experts and officials alike who stressed that the tape was a smoking gun and should be evidence enough to result in not only the impeachment of the president but his conviction in the US senate.

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