Truth behind abducting 4 Turkish engineers at Ubari gas power station: Negligence and Carelessness

Truth behind abducting 4 Turkish engineers at Ubari gas power station: Negligence and Carelessness (Photo: Internet)

Reliable sources told Ean Libya that Turkish authorities had informed the Government of National Accord (GNA) through the Foreign Ministry’s Turkey affairs official, Omar Abdelkarim, and the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) through the projects director Abdelhakim Al-Furjani, besides Enka firm, that there would be an attack by an armed group on the power plant 48 hours before it had happened.

Three Turks and one South African were abducted once they arrived on November 03 in Ubari coming from Tripoli. Later on, they were taken away from the plant after short fire exchange between the attackers and the security personnel protecting the power stations and the working staff, the sources added.

They also said that one of the attackers was killed in the fire exchange, while on of the security staffers who is from Tuareg Tribe was detained by the attackers along with a South African engineer who has also a German citizenship, adding that the guard was later released. Another group of attackers took advantage of the fact that security gaurs chased the other attackers for the South African engineer’s life and attacked the other car with three Turkish engineers and drove them away.

Sources said earlier that 4 of the abductors were arrested in a desert area in the Algerian border by 456 brigade and Ubari security units, which also captured weapons and a vehicle as well as communication devices, however; it turned out that those were not for the abductors.

The question here is who is responsible for this negligence? Why would such carelessness lead to the kidnap of the Turkish and foreign nationals who were operating a very vital project for all Libyans to avoid any more power outages in their country. Is the southern region a place for foreign intelligence and kidnap gangs now?

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