Tunisia unveils a money laundering network headed by an Israeli!

Tunisia unveils a money laundering network headed by an Israeli who claims to help Libya (Reuters)


Tunisian media revealed that financial investigations carried out by a committee of the central Bank revealed an international network specializing in laundering and smuggling money in Tunisia, headed by a person with Israeli citizenship.

A committee of the central Bank conducted an investigation and an inventory of bank accounts and remittances, after receiving a report on the suspicion of corruption. It discovered a network headed by a person with an Israeli nationality, assisted by a European woman who opened a bank account at a bank branch and claimed that it was intended for an international charitable association specializing in Detection of explosives in Libyan territory.

The corruption report reported that this woman resides in Tunisia and receives bank transfers in dollars from abroad in a bank branch in southern Tunisia and immediately withdraws it, claiming that she is exploiting it in the framework of a charitable association for the detection of explosives in Libya. She has received large sums of dollars in a circumstance during the period of 6 Months.

On the other hand, it became clear that it is international non-governmental association, and obtained the license of charitable activity under the cover of humanitarian works, and within the framework of religious intellectual orientation, which is located in Europe, donations are one of the most important sources of funding, and the investigation was unable to uncover the destination of funds, which are withdrawn from bank

The investigation also found that the Israeli is the main person, who manages the suspicious Association, which has transferred funds in foreign currency to a Tunisian banking branch and has other bank accounts in Tunisia.

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