Tunisia voices support for UNSMIL’s action plan in Libya

Tunisian foreign minister addressing the UN General Assembly. (Photo: Internet)

Tunisia’s foreign minister, Khemaies Jhinaoui, used his address to the UN General Assembly meeting in New York on Friday to give strong backing to the special envoy’s action plan for Libya.

Mr Jhinaoui said Tunis was coordinating closely with Egypt and Algeria as Libya’s neighbours to back Ghassan Salame’s drive to revise the Libya Political Agreement by mid-December.

Tunis will host the first attempt to hold inclusive talks between the Libyan factions next week. “Tunisia believes there is a role with Algeria and Egypt in helping the Libyans overcome their differences under the UN proposals to take the political path,” he said. “We support an amended agreement and reject any vacuum and commend efforts to bring behind the roadmap.”

According to Salame’s action plan, the first step will see all Libyan conflicting parties sitting in one national conference after which all solution points will be agreed on.

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