Tunisian terrorist, Shoushan killed in Sabratha, Tunisia to send investigator to he city

Nour Addeen Soushan
Nour Addeen Soushan

Tunisian authorities are willing to send an investigator to Sabratha city, in Libya, next week to cooperate with Libyan counterparts in investigations of the Tunisian IS-linked militants killed in the American airstrike on February 19.

The Tunisian investigations will aim at identifying the Tunisians who were killed in the US air-raid as Sabratha Municipality confirmed that all of thekilled IS militants were Tunisian nationals.

Nour Addeen Soushan, an infamous Tunisian IS terrorist, was reported dead but by Sabratha Military Council fighters and not the America’s airstrike as local officials stated.

Earlier last week, clashes erupted between Sabratha Military Council and IS militants as the former waged a ferocious war on the terrorists’ spots in the city following the US strike on one of their recruits’ camps


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