Turkey: Libya’s crisis is political, it needs peaceful dialogue without foreign intervention

Emrullah İşler (AA Photo)
Emrullah İşler (AA Photo)

The Turkish delegate to Libya and vice prime minister, Emrullah İşler, negated his country’s interst in meddling into Libya’s internal affairs saying Turkey sees the dialogue and political agreement as the only way out of the current Libyan crisis.

Talking to the Turkish newspaper, Daily Sabah, Emrullah İşler said Saturday that Turkey is neutral regarding the Libyan crisis and is not biased to any of the conflicting parties, reiterating the need for peaceful dialogue and rallying around a one accord government for all Libyans.

“We are against any step taken in favor of one party over the other and leading to imbalance in the Libyan political scene and that is why we reject the French intervention in Libya’s internal affairs.” The Turkish vice prime minister indicated.

France confirmed last month that three special troops were killed in Libya as they were on a mission by the French government in Benghazi, which was seen as utter support for Khalifa Haftar’s Dignity Operation war on the city of Benghazi and the eastern region in general.

The French intervention was also condemned and caused fierce outrage among all Libyans in the country. Hundreds and thousands marched to public squares for three or four consecutive Fridays decrying the French violation of the Libyan domestic affairs and its support for Khalifa Haftar’s forces, whom they said were killing civilians in the eastern region.

“There should be full support for the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) and the rest of the world must give it the needed support to help it stabilize the country and solve the problems facing it.” Emrullah İşler added.

He concluded by saying that his country sees Libya’s crisis as one of apolitical orientation, so no solution can be given except for the peaceful political one without foreign intervention and bias and with support for the GNA in its fight against IS militants in Sirte.

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