Turkey stands with legitimacy in Libya, Işler says

Turkish envoy to the North Africa Emrullah Isler (Photo: Internet)

Turkey Libya’s Special Envoy Emrullah Işler said Wednesday that Turkey also chose to take side with the legitimate actor in Libya because it believes in stability and that a political solution that takes into account the demands of the Libyan people.

Işler, in his speech at a forum in Ankara, said the search for solutions to the crisis should be through political transition in Libya not via military operations.

He added that the crisis in Libya harms the stability of the country, saying “Turkey, on the basis of international law to ensure political solution in Libya in line with the United Nations-backed Presidential Council ans Government of National Accord.”

“Khalifa Haftar has been responsible for dragging Libya into the crisis since May 2014 and has blocked political solutions since 2016, noting that Haftar’s forces are composed of unlawful militias under all national and international laws, and as a partner in the struggle.” Işler said.

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