Turmoil on Tunisian-Libyan border of Ras Ajdair

The Libyan authorities responsible for the crossing border of Ras Ajdair between Libya and Tunisia said Monday that the crossing checkpoint is open for both countries’ citizens, however, the residents of Ben Guredane in Tunisia are blocking the road and preventing travelers to go through from either side.

Ben Guerdane is the first district in Tunisia on the border with Libya. The residents in there are blocking the roads preventing Libyans from getting into or out of Tunisia and Tunisians from travelling to Libya or returning home.

According to the residents of Ben Guerdane, they want the Libyan authorities to allow them to take goods from Libya and sell them in Tunisia, which was banned by Libya lately as they started taking the commodities that are subsidized with government letters of credit to sell them in Tunisia for double or triple the price.

“The ongoing turmoil created by Ben Guredane residents leading to the shutdown of the border crossing is an internal Tunisia affair.” Said the Zuwara Municipality in a statement on Monday.

Earlier a committee from Libya visited Tunisian MPs to solve the issue. They agreed on a deal to convince the resident to bring the blockade to an end, but no action has been taken bu Tunisia yet.

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