Two female clerks embezzle millions from Libya’s National Commercial Bank

Photo: [Libyan Express]
New embezzlement case ravages the National Commercial Bank in Libya as two female clerks are accused of skimming 20 million dinars from their financial control bank accounts of the National Commercial Bank in Al-Zawiya and Gharyan, according to the Director of banks and monetary control administration of the Central Bank of Libya Mukhtar Al-Hadi Al-Taweel.

A woman born in Benghazi I’m 1977 embezzled 29 million euros from the Islamic Profiting Division at the Commercial Bank and transferred them to a bank in Malta.

While another woman born in Tripoli in 1968 took 20 million dinars from the commercial bank accounts in Al-Zawiya and Gharyan cities.

The Tripoli Public Prosecutor has issued two arrest warrants of the two wen to Arab and international police.

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