UAE used $30 billion of Libya frozen assets to support strongman Haftar, The New Arab

  • Libyan Express |
  • Wednesday 14 March 2018

Haftar meets with UAE deputy Chief of Staff [Photo: Archive]

The New Arab unveiled Wednesday that the United Arab Emirates has used the Libyan frozen assets that are worth 50 billion dollars at its banks to send money to Khalifa Haftar and build his military empire in eastern Libya.

The New Arab cited a Libyan high ranking official as saying that over 30 billion dollars of Libyan frozen assets were sent to Haftar in funding venues and military support via accounts opened in countries and banks the UAE has shares in.

“Most of the money was sent through the Palestinian politician Mohammed Dahlan,” The New Arab reported.

It added that Libyans are involved in the “ripping off of Libyan assets” in the UAE, which the source said got the green light to do so from Europe,the US and even Russia “as all them have interests in Libya and in the UAE.”

The New Arab also said that the money sent to Haftar by the UAE also helped buy weapons for his forces in east Libya from countries like Ukraine, Russia and Canada, besides training most of his fighters in countries like Jordan.

Meanwhile, last Saturday, the second deputy of the High Council of State (HCS) Mohamed Imazib disclosed that the United Arab Emirates had provided the Libyan commander of east-based self-proclaimed army, Haftar, with portions of Libyan frozen assets in Abu Dhabi.

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