UN delegate to Libya tells the UN to stop those hindering Libya’s move to democratic elections

  • Libyan Express |
  • Monday 16 July 2018

Ghassan Salame at a previous UN Security Council video conference call from Tripoli (Photo: Internet)

The UN delegate to Libya has warned that a recent agreement to resume oil production in the conflict-torn country will not hold unless key issues concerning the distribution of wealth and “endemic plundering of resources” are speedily tackled.

Ghassan Salame briefed the Security Council on Monday saying it will “be difficult to advance the political process” without action.

Salame also warned that “without the right conditions, it would be unwise” to hold presidential and parliamentary elections this year in Libya.

He asked the UN Security Council to pressure those hindering the elections and make sure they commit to the results coming of the elections if held this year.

Salame also called on the House of Representatives to take up its responsibility and issue constitution referendum as well as elections legislative laws.

Salame said the UN.“will redouble its efforts to push for economic reforms, as the very stability and unity of the country are at stake.”

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