UN envoy to Libya tells Security Council: Libya on brink of all-out civli war

Salame urged the UN Security Council member states to enforce a ceasefire in Libya and oblige parties to return to the political process.

UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salame. (UNSMIL)

The United Nations’ envoy to Libya Ghassan Salame has briefed the Security Council about the ongoing fighting in Tripoli, urging the member states to enforce a ceasefire in Tripoli outskirts before the war spills into the city and a civil war breaks out.

Salame told the Security Council on Tuesday that the Libyan parties have all agreed to a National Conference in Ghadames on April 14-16 to find a political solution to their crisis, but one party decided to use military force and silence the others.

The UN envoy added that there can be no military solution to the crisis in Libya and said this is a reality and not nonsense.

He indicated that one party is trying to use force also to seize the oil resources that belong to all Libyans and  thus cease a split in the National Oil Cooperation (NOC) that operates for all of the people in the country.

He indicated that all parties are violating the UN arms embargo in Libya and that they are being helped by several countries that are intervening in Libya’s internal affairs, urging the UN Security Council to stop these violations.

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