UN launches $313 million humanitarian response plan in Libya

Meeting of GNA members and UNSMIL officials in Tripoli (GNA media office)

The UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) launched on Thursday a humanitarian response plan in Libya worth 313 million dollars to help more than 1 million Libyans.

The plan was revealed during a meeting of international humanitarian agencies in the capital Tripoli on Thursday.

Maria do Valle Ribeiro, UN humanitarian coordinator in Libya said the country continues to suffer from the effects of the protracted political crisis, which leads to violence and displacement, deteriorating living conditions of the people, low availability of food, fuel, water and sanitation, as well as declining health care and social service.

“The Humanitarian Response Plan for 2018 is based on extensive consultations, improved evidence and analysis of assessments. The strategy is based on three axes: rapid response to emergency and life-saving assistance, multi-sector assistance targeting vulnerable people and families, restoration of basic functions and access to services,” she said as reported by Xinhua.

Valle Ribeiro noted that this year’s plan aims to provide 313 USD million for response and protection of 1.1 million Libyans in need across the country.

Libyan UN-backed prime minister, Fayez Serraj, announced allocation of 5 million dollars to the Stabilization Facility Fund in Libya. He also pledged to facilitate implementation of the plan in Libya.

The Libyan Stabilization Facility Fund, established in 2016, is run by the Libyan Ministry of Planning, in cooperation with the UN Support Mission in Libya.

The Fund, which is supported by donations from Western countries, mainly France and Germany, seeks assistance to vulnerable groups in Libya that suffer lack of services due to military actions and conflicts in the country.

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